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Sunset Country Club

9555 S. Geyer Road,
St. Louis, MO 63127

phone: 314-843-1100


Welcome to Sunset Country Club! We hope that you find the enclosed information helpful as you enjoy our facilities as an invited guest of one of our members.


If you are playing golf, please drive directly to the bag drop area.  Signs located along the main drive direct you to this location.  Please use the intercom to notify the Golf Shop staff of your presence and the name of the member you are joining. Your clubs will be taken from your car or the bag drop, tagged and sent to the cart starting area. Clubs will be returned to the bag drop the end of your round or placed in the trunk of your car.


You are encouraged to use our locker rooms. Both Men’s and Women’s lockers are available upon your arrival. Shoes are to be changed in the Locker Rooms only. After your arrival, please proceed to either locker room located down the walkway from the bag drop.  Our locker room attendants will be available to offer you assistance. Children under 18 are not permitted in the clubhouse locker rooms unattended.

Dress Requirements

Guests are required to wear appropriate country club attire at all times on Club premises.  Denim is not considered proper attire on the Golf Course but is permitted in designated areas of the Club. Guidelines as to appropriate dress for the various areas of the Clubhouse and grounds may be obtained from members. In all instances, clothes should be neat and clean in appearance and shirt tails should be tucked in. Attire that is not acceptable in the Clubhouse: short shorts, cargo shorts or pants, cutoffs, gym shorts, sweat suits, halter tops, swimsuits and ripped or frayed clothing of any kind.

Golf Attire

Men's Attire: Men are required to wear collared shirts or mocknecks at all times tucked in. Sports slacks or walking shorts are acceptable, but shorts must be no more than 4” above the knee.  Blue jeans, cargo shorts or pants, blade collars, tee shirts and warm-up suits are not permitted.
Women’s Attire: Women are required to wear skirts, tailored full-length slacks, walking shorts no more than 4” above the knees, or golf-styled shorts/pants. Shirts without collars are permitted but must have sleeves. Tank tops, halter tops, or denim of any kind are not permitted.
Golf Shoes:  Locker room attendants are available to service your golf shoes should you require it; guests should not change their shoes in the parking lot.  Street shoes will be shined if left outside the bottom of your guest locker.


Tennis Attire

Appropriate tennis clothing and tennis shoes must be worn on the tennis courts. Collared shirts or mock tennis shirts are allowed for men and women, mid length tennis-style shorts and skirt/skorts are allowed for women. Denim, cargo shorts, cut offs, gym shorts, bathing suits, tee shirts, tank tops, crop tops, and men's sleeveless shirts are not allowed. The term "tennis shoes" shall mean a court or athletic shoe with a sole appropriate for tennis. Waffled soles or running shoes shall not be permitted on the tennis courts.


Golf Practice Area

We invite you to use our practice facility, short game practice area, and practice putting green, prior to and after your round.

Speed of Play

Players are expected to finish 9 holes in two hours and 18 holes in four hours or less.  Slow players are encouraged to let others play through.  Pace of play is enforced by the golf shop staff.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted within the Clubhouse except in the Men’s Card Room. We ask that you not use the area immediately outside the front door of the Clubhouse; instead, the south end of the Veranda is the designated area for smoking.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Equipment

Cell phones are prohibited in the Fairway Room, Clubroom/Bar and Sunset Room after 5:00 p.m.  Phones must be on “vibrate” and may be used the Living Room or Member corridor to receive or make calls. They are permitted in the Locker Rooms. The use of cell phones on the golf course and grounds should be limited to emergencies only. 

Caddie Program

Save the Date:  2024 Caddy Meeting
Wednesday, February 21 at 4:30pm in the Sunset Ballroom

Sunset is extremely proud of its rich caddie tradition. Partnering with the Western Golf Association, our caddie program has seen 70 young men and women earn a Chick Evans Scholarship. Since 1930, this scholarship has awarded young caddies across the country full housing and tuition to a sponsoring university for 4 years. Scholarships are awarded based on an excellent caddie record, strong grades, outstanding character, and financial need. Simply put, an Evans Scholarship is the highest honor a young caddie can receive.

Striving to continue growth of our program, Sunset welcomes 35-40 new caddies every year. The program begins with an informational meeting in February of each year then followed by on-course training sessions.  Sunset provides one of the most extensive training programs in the area. We prepare and expect our caddies to be fully ready to tackle any challenge that may arise on the course. Our combination of training paired with a professional appearance (Khaki pants/shorts, white golf polo, white cap, tennis shoes, and green caddie bib) sets the standard for developmental caddie programs across the country.

Printable Caddie Waiver


Printable Caddie Application


Caddie Manual


Requests for caddie employment can only be made each calendar year in the month of January.  Prospective caddies must be 14 years of age to qualify for the program.  An initial caddie meeting will be scheduled each February for qualified candidates.  If you have any additional questions, comments, or would like further information, please contact Marvin Herrod at (314) 843-7119 or via email at

Those that would like to apply to be a Caddie at Sunset must fill out the included 2024 Caddie Application and Waiver Form and e-mail it to  Once received, you will receive information via e-mail on a mandatory Caddie Meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at 4:30pm in the Ballroom.  Enter through the right Club entry. Applicants will also receive the 2024 Caddie Training Schedule.

Employment Opportunities

Sunset has many opportunities for employment from part time, full time to seasonal staff.  We have many departments that would be rewarding to be a part of such as Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Golf, Maintenance, Locker Rooms, and Grounds crew.  We offer medical, dental, vision and life insurance as well as paid time off and a 401K plan to full time employees.

Printable Application

Once you fill it out, please email back to [email protected]If you have any questions, please contact Connie Gonzalez, Human Resources at 314-849-9417.